The Advantage of Constraints

Scarcity. Limitations. Restrictions. Consider all of these constraints against overwhelming demand for business and technology solutions. Who would have thought that these conditions would propel this team towards freedom, amplified creativity and to deliver beyond expectations? I am an experienced hand in prioritizing business initiatives across the Enterprise, so I wrote about my approach in […]

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Delighted by @LinkedInHelp (Why Waiting for LinkedIn To Restore My Account Was Worth It)

June 30 5:30 pm Update: I am a delighted LinkedIn customer again. In just over a day from when I flagged the problem, @LinkedInHelp (Fred / Kat) restored my access and explained why they took the precautionary action that they did. I am thankful for their security process that kicked in when they noticed far too […]

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At The Speed Of Business: Strategy To Execution Through Business Architecture

New processes and systems are in place. But it is still difficult to get a key business report! The Chief Customer Officer is waiting for one and is becoming impatient. It looks like the whole business operations department has been marshalled to deliver it. He heard they needed to validate and reconcile masses of data!  A new strategic […]

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Always Learning

Have you ever tried to consciously stop your breathing? Well, even if you did, you would have found out that you can’t. Something kicks in the brain central command site that sends alarm bells to your muscles to start the breathing mechanism. And if you’re a normal healthy person experiencing hunger pangs, you can’t help your […]

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Fatal Flaws 2

I learned this lesson a long time ago. And I am learning more about it as I build and lead new teams. When forming a team, apart from hiring for talent, competencies and organisation fit, I bring people in who do not display the symptoms of these fatal flaws. But the work does not end […]

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The Cactus Blooms!

“The cactus has flowers!” With delight, I rushed inside the house and declared my news to the children. I had just arrived from work, parked the car, then absent-mindedly made my way to the front door. Then my eye saw it. The cactus plant that I had in a pot, left behind (abandoned!) by our home’s […]

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Learning from Bad Leaders

We delight in great leaders. But it is in the crucible of extreme challenge under bad leaders that we can learn the once-in-a-lifetime lessons. Learning is usually more effective under great leaders. I don’t need a bad one to learn. Especially if I have already learned a particular lesson in the past. But in work, as in life, adversity […]

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Fatal Flaws

There were twelve of us. We came from various parts of the world (Italy, Australia, China, UK, France, India, USA, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia) to learn about how to lead well, members of the inaugural  fast-track executive course  in the global company we worked in. We met in different cities every quarter, and then returned to our respective business areas […]

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