Delighted by @LinkedInHelp (Why Waiting for LinkedIn To Restore My Account Was Worth It)

June 30 5:30 pm Update: I am a delighted LinkedIn customer again. In just over a day from when I flagged the problem, @LinkedInHelp (Fred / Kat) restored my access and explained why they took the precautionary action that they did.

I am thankful for their security process that kicked in when they noticed far too many page views than normal. Better safe and inconvenienced (temporarily) than sorry. Thank you again @LinkedInHelp.

What I posted on the morning of June 30: For my friends and connections on LinkedIn: I have no direct access to my LinkedIn account. I am waiting for LinkedIn to respond beyond the first automated email reply.

Please email or call me directly if your communication is time-sensitive. If I have not yet shared my contact details with you (e.g. you’re a member of a Group I am in but not a direct connection), then send me an email at

I appreciate if you can share this message with others in our shared network and groups. Please report to LinkedIn (and copy my email) if you find abnormal activity on my account.

On Monday morning, as I prepared to attend a week-long conference, I logged in to my LinkedIn account only to be met by a cryptic message “Account restricted”. I re-typed my login credentials on my iPad, then my desktop computer, only to receive the same message.

At breakfast I checked my emails and found two phishing emails masquerading as LinkedIn Administration. They are currently in Junk, retained for history purposes. I have sent screenshots to LinkedIn for their investigation.

Without access to my account, I can only contact LinkedIn Customer Service via webform. I was delighted to receive their automated reply. Delighted because I confirmed my email address was still recognised in their system. Now the wait.

I hope the service will be as delightful, though without phone contact for escalation it seems so un-LinkedIn.

Until my next post. Wish me well.



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