Thinking Differently

This is what I am thinking …

It’s a new year!

Yes, I am glad to leave the old behind, to embrace the new. But life is not so easily demarcated. My life story  continues. Yes, I am starting a new chapter, but this chapter makes sense because of what came before it.

In starting a new year, there is hope and opportunities to grow into the best that I can be. And that includes lessons and blessings I bring from the past.

More books to read!

When God acts supernaturally and grants us a miracle, 
He does it to draw us closer to Him.
This drawing closer is a lifelong process, not an event.
The miracle then is not what has been granted for the season, 
but the change within us.

So when He grants our prayer,
Let us remember this is to beckon us closer,
A step to take among many more in our lifetime.

November 2016
BoyOnRock copyright

I know why I am here.

That is why I am having fun, in spite of the hard work and the challenges.

~ April 2016

God is also waiting for me v2
What do you do while you are waiting?
God has given me the freedom to choose.
Through my choices, He invites me to participate in the answer.
October 2015

I wait to see what you say.
(Your actions confirm your words, loud and clear.)

April 2015

Being still, in a state of peace, is not a passive stance.

It is being active,
vigilant, and
So this peace is guarded and maintained,
Through the ebbs and flows,
Highs and lows,
Of every day life.

March 2015

How did Joseph and Daniel overcome great obstacles
(prison, slavery, rejection, isolation, treachery, lies, physical danger, captivity after war)?

Joseph and Daniel “walked” with God, breath by breath,
so that even when He was silent,
their faith and belief in Him could not be shaken.
Not the one-day kind of walk.
Not the hourly-kind of walk.
Breath by breath.
That’s amazing!

February 2015

I discovered that the arrival of my second child
did not take away (subtract from) the love that I had for the first one,
nor did it mean I loved the new arrival any less.

Instead, my capacity to love increased
so I loved each child as much as if they were just The One.

In my limited way, I  began to grasp how God can love me as an individual
though there are billions of people around the world.

November 9, 2014

We have only 5 copies of Aristotle’s writings, with the oldest being a copy written 1,400 years after the original. In contrast, we have over 5,000 Greek manuscripts of the New Testament Bible, the oldest being written only 300 years after the original. 

Add to these other documents by non-Christian historians and court officials that mention the man called “Chrestus” and his followers. 

We accept Aristotle’s existence without a whimper. Why not Jesus Christ?  

October 5, 2014

My fingerprint is not the only thing unique about me.

I am unique.

And so are you.

Don’t become a poor imitation of another.  

August 31, 2014

If I only believe what I can see,
then the baby in a mother’s womb should not believe
there is life outside its comfortable place.
July 28, 2014

I will not take anything with me when I die, so I don't really 'own' things.
I am merely a steward of what I have.
June 28, 2014

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