3 weeks old and 1,000 visits. Thank You!

Three weeks ago I released my blog to the big, wide world.

I was nervous. I had only blogged before in the protected world of a company intranet. Yet, I chose to thread personal stories in my posts to illustrate the power of the idea — that it is not limited to work; it can be applied to life.

I want to share these ideas across the boundaries of geography, social circles, work places and communities. And I also want to learn from others.

Over the weekend, after only three weeks, I logged in to see there were over 1,000 visits, represented by people from 19 countries. 19 countries!

Country Profile List Blog 20140720

Many read more than one post. A few sent encouragement via email. A couple wrote their comments on the post itself! A little less than half discovered it on their own.

I am blessed.

Small but encouraging beginnings.

Thank you to all who visited my page. If you have been encouraged or helped in any way, pass on the encouragement and help to others.

Share your thoughts on these posts and pages and help me learn from you as well!

What do you think about this? I would like to hear from you.

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