Two Months, Thirty-Four Countries. Thank You!

I am blesCountry Profile List Blog 20140831sed to have a small and growing number of readers across thirty-four countries after only two months since starting this blog.

Thank you to those who visit this site regularly. Jeannette says she reads my posts with a mug of coffee on hand! Why not try that with a friend?

Thank you for getting out of your comfort zone and joining in the conversation and giving this community your feedback. Maggie, a White, American Staffordshire Terrier, even posted something on behalf of her owner!

I was happy to know from Cody that one of my posts helped a group of volunteers with a situation they were grappling with. Oma got a ‘Thank you’ meal from a friend for sharing one post because it was helpful.

Whether you post your comments on-line or send me a private email through ‘Write To Me’ page, I appreciate it!

Thank you for sharing my posts and this blog site to your friends, by clicking the ‘Share’ buttons below each page or post, or sending the link.

And best of all, thank you for telling me that you have been impacted by the message, have taken the time to reflect, then took action. Ian is one of them. He re-posted my post “In Grief and Sorrow — Where Are The Great Leaders?” on his page, responded and took action. He held himself accountable by writing about what he will do. He has already done the first item on his list.

My dream is to inspire you to lead wherever you are and, as you lead, to pursue full and meaningful lives. I pursue a full and meaningful life because of the hope that I found in Jesus. Above and beyond appreciating my writing, I hope that you will also consider what Jesus offers for your life. To know more, click on this link and you will be directed to another site that can explain the steps in more than 150 languages.

My dream is to see this tiny rivulet – there are only a handful of you right now thinly spread across thirty-four countries – to a stream, then a mighty, rushing river, to become an ocean of leaders rising to serve and lead.


Tell others about this blog. But better still, invite others to reflect and take action. Then impact your world. Let me know how you go!Country Map Blog 20140831

p.s. By the time I wrote this blog, I welcomed new readers from Costa Rica. This should have read “Two Months, Thirty-Five Countries. Thank You!”

Two weeks later … this blog is now read across more than 50 countries. Welcome to new readers from Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Japan, Malaysia, Oman. As you are blessed, bless others also.

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