I Am Thankful For Closed Doors

My first taste of rejection happened shortly before I graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering. As is the usual practice, the ‘big name’ companies came to the campus to interview candidates for their new graduate programs. I rushed to the Dean’s office to check my name against a scheduled list of students to be […]

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Greatness And The Heart To Serve

What do we mean by greatness? In sports, athletes who score the highest, gain the most medals, win the most games are often called great. They are given ‘keys’ to the city, receive medals, offered lucrative sponsorship deals, march at the head of the team through cheering crowds. They are raised above the shoulders of […]

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Business Architecture — Who Cares?

In my previous post Distilling 58 million Search Results on Business Transformation!? I coined the term ‘hardware’ and ‘software’ of business transformation to illustrate what is involved. The ‘hardware’ of business transformation relate to the structural aspects of change such as program management structure, governance, systems and tools, to name a few. In contrast, the ‘software’ of […]

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What is the price of hope?

Today I was early for a lunch meeting with a friend in the digital media industry. We were meeting near Central Station. Central Station at noon was moderately crowded but I found an empty seat in the main concourse, close to the shops. I was browsing through the HBR blog on my iPad when I […]

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When Failure is Good

A long, long time ago, I thought I was invincible. A typical teenager. Do you know someone like this? I was eighteen years old and on my third year as a chemical engineering student in a selective university. My grades were always better than most so I was relaxed about passing my exams. I was […]

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