Do You Need Permission to be Free?

I am mission-oriented. Those who work (and live) with me attest to this. One wrote: “the ultimate can-do attitude”. Another said: “delivering the highest results under the most challenging circumstances”. And many agree: “never gives up”, “super-resilient”.

But there is a downside to this.

Once, someone had to tap me on the shoulder because I did not want to let go of a mission that was no longer. I had invested so much in the mission. I believed in it. I had given it all I could give it and more. But the circumstances had changed. And the mission was no more. There was a new mission. The vision was re-framed, the objectives were rewritten, the rules of engagement altered, the crew refreshed.

But it was precisely that moment when I was informed the mission had changed that gave me freedom. The freedom to reflect on the re-framed vision. The freedom to choose to be part of it or not. I was released from my commitment to the mission that was no longer.

How about you? Are you sure you are still on the same mission you have committed yourself to? 

Early this week, I wrote about The Gift of Time. I wrote that “Time is given to all of us in equal measure… We start the week with the hours that we need to enjoy a full and meaningful life. We should not fill it to overflowing with everything that clamors to get done. Instead, we can choose wisely what to fill it with.”

Your time  — at work, at home, in the community — is a gift.

How are you enjoying this gift? Do you need permission to stop and reflect? Is this still your mission? If ‘mission’ is not something you can relate to, is your purpose for today served by what you are doing now?

Have you been so focused on the old ‘call to action’ that you have not heard the clarion call for the new? Do you need permission to be free? Do you need to give yourself permission to move on?

Stop. Reflect. Act.


“Sing it out … Sing it out … Your freedom is here.

And everything comes alive
In my life as we lift You higher

Let Your freedom arise
In our lives as we lift You up
Sing it out … Sing it out … Your freedom is here!”

 If you want to know more about this song check out Hillsong United on YouTube: “Freedom Is Here” 


What do you think about this? I would like to hear from you.

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