Learning from Bad Leaders

We delight in great leaders. But it is in the crucible of extreme challenge under bad leaders that we can learn the once-in-a-lifetime lessons. Learning is usually more effective under great leaders. I don’t need a bad one to learn. Especially if I have already learned a particular lesson in the past. But in work, as in life, adversity […]

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Fatal Flaws

There were twelve of us. We came from various parts of the world (Italy, Australia, China, UK, France, India, USA, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia) to learn about how to lead well, members of the inaugural  fast-track executive course  in the global company we worked in. We met in different cities every quarter, and then returned to our respective business areas […]

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Digital Ocean

Imagine. Imagine the future of learning, as we move from “a digital desert to a digital ocean”. What can Australia’s national broadband network do to enable this future? Imagine individualised learning delivery adapted to a student’s learning style. What about continual ‘invisible’ assessments, instead of point-in-time paper-based tests? And what can be achieved when student interactions […]

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