Hi, I’m Joyce

Hello! I am a business executive in the field of technology who loves God and follows Jesus. I apply the core values of  faith as best I can in my life, at work, with family and in leadership of others. I don’t rely only on my efforts, talents and skills because that would limit God’s transforming work through and in me.

I started as a Chemical Engineer but did not stop there because learning is my life-long habit. Because I am always learning, the list tends to expand over the years!

In the world of work, I help CxO-level business leaders achieve transformational change in business, with emphasis on people and the use of technology. My professional interests are described in LinkedIn.

I am also interested in music, raising the value of disadvantaged women and children, helping those who have suffered loss, and connecting people.

My posts tell a lot about me.

In “Don’t Forget To Breathe“, you will learn where I grew up and that I took a jeepney to school. See if you can guess what I did to pass the time while waiting for one.

In “I Am Thankful for Closed Doors” I wrote about how a door was closed even before I graduated from university. That disappointment led me to another open door that broadened my world. At Fairchild Semiconductors, I accomplished my first assignment in the US where I designed the assembly process for super-small electronic devices.

Over the years, I managed to summon enough courage, sprinkled with a lot of curiosity, to take on diverse leadership assignments in the area of Business and Information Technology (IT) transformation. One of the most complex work spanned more than 50 countries and 180 companies (legal entities). That was just the tip of the iceberg. My family and I moved to another country and you will read a glimpse of the personal change that was involved in “Leading Change: Up Close and Personal“.

Australia is my home now. But home is also where my heart is — with family and friends who are scattered in various parts of the world.  I miss them but technology helps to bridge the distance a little bit.

Photo by Mudassir Ali from Pexels

I believe that we are all pilgrims in this journey of life. Life does not end here. Death is just a door that opens to eternity. I wrote about my purpose in “I Looked For the Meaning And Purpose of Life” and how I found hope in Jesus.

Why do I blog? Check out my answer in “What And Why“.

Now that you know a little about me, how about sharing who you are by participating in the discussions in this blog or sending me an email.

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